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History & Milestone

Founded in the base of “Zenith group companies” it has a solid history of HR placement services across the globe. Cruising through a successful voyage of quality manpower supply since 2008 A.D., Zenith Progressive merely faced an adversity while fulfilling the demands of its clients providing with the optimum satisfaction. Its clients are satisfied and most of them came from recommendation from the service takers. Progressive through successful years of services it is hence transferred to a passionate youth team.

A team from professional backgrounds came together to join the hands with the primary aim to bring positive changes to the lives of people by recruiting and placing them in a suitable place inbound and outbound.


2008 – Foundation of Zenith Progressive Pvt. Ltd

2009 – Started international placement from Nepal to Qatar

2010 – Incepted new sister company “ Tuka Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.” As a new venture

2011 – Expansion of international placement service in Malaysia and KSA

2012 – Start of new company “ Transworld Link Pte Ltd” in Singapore while continuing with existing  services.

2013 – Start of new local placement company called “ Immense Career Foundation Pvt. Ltd” based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

2014 – Signed MOU with various strategic partners to exchange its services in Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka.