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Why Zenith Progressive ?

Our company has a significant difference compared to some other manpower companies around. We are stable and our company comprise of a team professionally working in the manpower industry since a decade and having with good knowledge with international partners in different areas such as education, trade, travel and so on. Our strong team makes Zenith a stable company that is committed to pay a good return to its customers and clients at both end.
Large Database
We are one of the leading manpower supply companies having a robust workers database in hand to fulfill the need of our clients in a very short time span. With the help of our team members and agents across the region we have remain successful to satisfy our clients providing them with the number of bio data in a short period. We do this through various means such as paper advertisement, local referee support, agent and franchise support and so on. We pride on our working team and our clients who helped grow us through the committed professional works that generated a mouth advertisement for pooling the aspirant applying through Zenith Progressive.

Professional Staffs
At Zenith Progressive, we want to assure our valued clients that Zenith Progressive works with the professional staff only and we never compromise on this. Our staff members are from professional recruitment background and with proper education.

Ethical Entrepreneurship
As an established company, we always give our attention towards the ethical business practice. We discourage the works those being done unethically and leading people to the resulting unacceptable situations.
Timely Delivery

Most of the burning problem the industry currently facing is late delivery of services in various extent. To fulfill the committed deal with our customers and clients we put our full effort without taking any excuses. So, we are fully devoted for professional work delivery on timely manner.

Further to this,

We can provide you with wide spectrum of candidates because our networks of local agents are spread nationwide, from skilled to unskilled, and from manufacturing to service sector, we are specialized in the searching of any type of candidates from various countries through our own company or with the help of our strategic partners.

We are the provider of trainings in many disciplines through we enjoy the quality of workers that can be maintained in workforce pool to fulfill the need of any clients at short period.

We strictly follow our specified recruitment as well as selection process, and never compromise with the quality of the service we provide.

We maintain the quality of our services and make extra efforts for sending candidates who are renowned for their hard work, honesty, high sense of responsibility and discipline.

We understand the needs of the client both specified and unspecified, so we really value the time of our clients.

Hence, our team is committed to produce the result on time.
We are responsive as well as communicative, so we do not let any gaps in between the client and us. We are transparent and make the recruitment process as simple as possible.

We deliver our service to our clients in a minimal costing without compromising the quality and time factor.