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Recruitment Sectors

Our majority of service includes the following section especially in international arena.

Construction Sector:

General Workers    Brick Layers           Cabling (Telecommunication)    Plasterers    Tillers

Bar Benders          Re-bar                   Metal Form Works           Scaffolding  Road Works

Plumbers               Welders                 Pipe Fitters                      Painter                  Piling

Landscaping and Gardening                 


Manufacturing Sector:

Production Workers         CNC Machinists               Machine Operators Semiconductor Technicians

Food Processors    Plastic Mould Injectors    Electronics Operators      Mechanics          Electricians

Welders                 Petrol Chemical               Precision Engineers         Carpenters   Tool & Die Casting

Electro-Plating       Hot Metal / Hot Dip Galvanizing              


Service Sector:

Banking                Hospitality & Aviation                Security Services  

Retail Assistants    Chefs / Cooks       Waiter/ waitress    Health Care Professionals          Cleaners

Hotel Chamber Maids      Pest Controllers               Sales Promoters     Admin Clerks         Spa and Wellness (Lifestyle)  Florists                  Drivers (Logistic)   Warehousing         Tailors

Nurseries (Landscape)