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Steps Nepal

STEPS Nepal has been initiating programs to educate people on the environment as well as social aspects in coordination with the local NGOs and active participation from the youths of Nepal.

strongly believe that all human lives have equal values and should not be discriminated for any age, sex, religion, race, social background or economic status. The existing disparity among people, social discrimination and abusive feudal social structure has been generating a negative impact on people's lives from decades. And furthermore, lack of awareness and encouragement has constricted the hopes of people who are physically and mentally demoralized and seeking for extra care and support.

To overcome these social issues, STEPS Nepal, in alliance with local NGOs and INGOs, is looking forward to work on various aspects on women liberalization, educate and assist children of broken family, orphans, street children, children of the desperately poor households and alert, inspire and provide care to HIV and AIDS patients.

Also, taking action to halt global warming through the activities of ordinary citizens has been the major objectives for STEPS Nepal as global warming and the pollution and burning of fossil fuels that cause it are threats we see here in Nepal and everywhere around the world. These pollutants blanket the globe, trapping heat and creating the "greenhouse" effect - the warming of the earth's atmosphere. All of this impacts Nepal's water supply, public health, agriculture, coastlines, forestry, and much more. We have no choice but to meet this challenge.